Dr. Raghul M MS, DNB, FMAS, FICRS Mch

Consultant Paediatrician, Laparoscopic Surgeon, Pediatric Urologist


MS General Surgery: Best outgoing MS Postgraduate ( 2012- 2015) Coimbatore Medical College Hospital Best paper award and medal – EROASICON 2013, Erode.

Awards & Medals

National winner for BAPS Travelling Fellowship (UK), 2021 (Only one Paediatric Surgeon selected in India per year) UNIVERSITY GOLD MEDALIST in Mch PAEDIATRIC SURGERY TAMIL NADU DR. MGR MEDICAL UNIVERSITY 2019-2020.

Surgical Experience

Paediatric Surgery: I have been regularly performing basic and advanced Pediatric laparoscopic and open procedures with special interest in Minimally invasive surgery (Laparoscopy & Thoracoscopy), Paediatric Urology, Neonatal and Fetal surgery.

Paediatric Laparoscopy & Thoracoscopy: Appendectomy, Cholecystectomy, Undescended testis, Meckels resection, Intusussception, Nephrectomy, Intestinal obstruction (of any cause ), Video Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery ( VATS) for Empyema Thoracis , Duplication cysts, Lung / nodal biopsy.

Urology: Pyeloplasty, hypospadias, chordee release, calculus disease, heminephrectomy, ureteric reimplantation, ureterocele repair and other endoscopic urological procedures.

Oncology: Wilms tumour, Neuroblastoma, RMS, Gonadal and extragonadal tumours.

Neonatal: TEF repair, intestinal atresias, CDH repair, Anorectal anomaly, Hirshsprungs disease, other neonatal intestinal obstructions, PUV fulgration, Hydrocephalus, Myelomeningocele repair.

Others: Biliary atresia, Choledochal cyst, Intestinal duplications, day care procedures ( hernia, hydrocele, circumcission, tongue tie, surface swellings excision), acute scrotum, USG guided intusussception reduction, Chemoport insertion.

Years of Experience

12 Years


By Appointment Only